Boat licenses: What American Citizens need to know before renting a boat in Croatia

Here are some essential things that American citizens should know before renting a boat in Croatia:

Boat license

A boat license is required to operate any boat with an engine in Croatia. Besides local licenses, authorities will accept the International Certificate of Competency (ICC) and the following licenses issued in the USA by the American Sailing Association (ASA), US Sailing Association (USSA), or NauticEd International Sailing Education (SLC):

  • Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA)
  • Advanced Coastal Cruising (ASA)
  • Basic Cruising (USSA)
  • Basic Keelboat (USSA)
  • Bareboat Chartering (ASA)
  • Bareboat Cruising (USSA)
  • Coastal Navigation (USSA)
  • Celestial Navigation (USSA)
  • Coastal Passagemaking (USSA)
  • International proficiency certificate for Yacht Helmsman Navigating in Mediterranean Waters (ASA)
  • Offshore Passagemaking (ASA)
  • Offshore Passagemaking (USSA)
  • International Sailing License and Credentials (SLC)

A full list of accepted boating licenses in Croatia with more details can be found in this document.

Please note that online boating exams approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) are not accepted by Croatian authorities.

Boating without a license

Not having a valid boat license should not keep you away from the boat during your holidays in Croatia. Private boat tours with qualified skippers are one of the best ways to spend your day on the Croatian coast. Your skipper takes charge of navigating the sea, manning the boat and also serves as your private tour guide while you enjoy the views and relax.