Small Boats

These are our most affordable boats that are great for beginners. If you are new to boating and want to visit nearby beaches and learn how to drive a boat this is a perfect choice.

In Croatia, a boating license is still needed to drive any boat but the government is preparing a new law that would allow you to drive 6HP boats without a license. We will update the info as soon as this new law gets approved.

Reful 490 Sundeck 20 HP

Reful 490 Open is step-up from traditional Pasara. It is still an affordable option but provides more comfort than Pasara and a bit more speed. People familiar with cars will have an easier time driving the Reful because it has a steering wheel.

The main feature of this boat is the convertible sundeck at the front.

Pasara 6HP

This is the most affordable option available for rent and is more than enough to visit nearby Pakleni islands.

Pasara is easy to drive so even people who are driving a boat for the first time get a hang of it very fast.

Pasara is a traditional Dalmatian boat that most people used for private purposes, to go fishing, or to nearby beaches. It is also the first boat that was offered to tourists, 50 years ago when boat rentals started in Hvar.