Sveta Nedjelja Wine Village

RIB Marlin with people in Sveta Nedjelja Hvar
Sveta Nedjelja wine village Hvar - the tree
Marlin 23 RIB in Sveta Nedjelja wine village Hvar
Sveta Nedjelja Wine Village Hvar

Sveta Nedjelja is a small village on the Hvar coast located below the highest point of the island – Sveti Nikola. Its climate and geographic location ensure a lot of sun hours on the vineyards, so it’s no wonder that its wines are known for their high quality. One of the wonders of Sveta Nedjelja is a wine basement under sea level where you can taste their famous wines over the years. The basement is part of the restaurant founded by the late Zlatan Plenković, founder of the most popular winery “Zlatan Otok”.